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I’m a Cape Codder who loves to write. The Cape never fails to provide fertile ground for artists, and can even inspire me when I am not actually there. My first writing gig was with Edible Cape Cod Magazine 15 years ago when my kids were tiny. My first story was about Cape Abilites Farm, which was also tiny at the time, just a few green houses off 6A in Dennis exploring hydroponics. I’ve been promoting farm to table and local food routes ever since, while also branching out into journalism for The Enterprise News, where I worked as a reporter on the Bourne school beat, and advertising content for businesses in Amsterdam, where I currently spend my winters.

I find it hard to actually stop writing, so in between articles and stories for other publications, I have always worked on my own projects. My first book, Minerva’s Owls, was published in 2017 by Home Bound Publications. It’s about finding balance in an unbalanced world through remembering the life force of the divine feminine. 

The recent COVID-19 shutdown left me stranded in Amsterdam with the time I needed to launch three new and exciting projects. Two are books.  Moon Tide: Cape Cod Poems, July 2020, and Owl Magic:  Your Guide Through Challenging Times, October 2020. The third is a very small press called Sea Crow Press, which I established to give my titles a home. 

About ready wisdom and REVEALing YOUR HIDDEN POWER

Hello Beautiful One,

Remember when everything was predictable and ran on a schedule and life had a routine?

In the fall kids went back to school, the holidays were for big family gatherings, and summer was a time to travel or hit the beach.

Until suddenly it wasn’t.

In March 2020, everything stopped due to COVID 19, and that comfortable certainty went straight out the window. You didn’t know if the kids could go to school, you were unable to visit your parents, or see your friends, or make any real plans at all. 

You felt out of control and disconnected, isolated, and unable to move forward. You felt stuck as the news out there just kept getting more surreal, and you did your best to keep things as normal as you could.

You wondered what if the old normal isn’t coming back? You stayed awake nights wondering how do we move forward now? Can we build something new?

I’m Mary and I’ve walked the same exact path, shocked by the uncertainty, and struggling to find meaning and the way through it. I found myself sheltering in place in a foreign country with no idea how or when I could get home.

As 2020 unfolded in all its weirdness, I realized the old certainties were gone, and the old structures were no longer serving us, so I made it my mission to create new ways to move forward.

For me that meant writing, and it led me to create a book called Owl Magic and a powerful tool called Ready Wisdom.

Owl Magic: Your Guide Through Challenging Times is a toolbox specially designed to get you through the anxiety of the current moment with a series of accessible yoga poses, guided meditations, and writing prompts. Each technique calls upon our inner wisdom and the creative power of the feminine divine so we can realize our true strength and begin rebuilding ourselves and our world for the new times ahead.

I know these techniques work because as I developed them I implemented them in my own life and suddenly the crushing uncertainty lifted, and I could move forward.

Ready Wisdom, has evolved from Owl Magic as a series of easily accessible action nuggets that will meet you where you are. 

Would you like to join me on this adventure and experience a new way of being in the world in these new times?

If that’s a resounding yes, there are three ways we can work together.

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About Owl Magic

Owl Magic is based on an interactive guide I wrote to complement Minerva’s Owls. Readers liked it, so I took the idea several steps further and over the course of the first lock down I created a new guide packed with ways to help you reach your highest self as we navigate this new landscape opening up before us. It works from the premise that times of change are times of opportunity.

Owl Magic is a tool box filled with simple, interactive anxiety-busting strategies designed to reveal your hidden power. Guided meditations, yoga poses, stories, poems, and writing prompts provide many routes to your highest self so you can meet today’s challenges with the life-affirming power of your own intuition and seize the incredible potential of the present moment.

In Minerva’s Owls, Mary Petiet weaves a fascinating and colorful web of yoga, healing and Western wisdom traditions. Filled with the infinite knowing of the feminine divine, this slim volume is packed with enduring wisdom. You will recover your deepest self in these pages.~Trista Hendron

About Moon Tide

If you can’t get to Cape Cod, Moon Tide will bring the Cape to you.  I can’t get to the Cape myself, so the launching of Moon Tide took an entirely different shape than what I had planned. The original cocktail reading reception became an online launch which you can check out below.
Maybe we can have the proper in person launch next summer, but until then, I can confirm the old adage that once you have the sand in your shoes, you never truly leave Cape Cod.
Moon Tide launches online!