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I’m a Cape Codder who loves to write. The Cape never fails to provide fertile ground for artists, and can even inspire me when I am not actually there. My first writing gig was with Edible Cape Cod Magazine 15 years ago when my kids were tiny. My first story was about Cape Abilites Farm, which was also tiny at the time, just a few green houses off 6A in Dennis exploring hydroponics. I’ve been promoting farm to table and local food routes ever since, while also branching out into journalism for The Enterprise News, where I worked as a reporter on the Bourne school beat, and advertising content for businesses in Amsterdam, where I currently spend my winters.

I find it hard to actually stop writing, so in between articles and stories for other publications, I have always worked on my own projects. My first book, Minerva’s Owls, was published in 2017 by Home Home Publications. It’s primarily about finding balance in an unbalanced world through remembering the life force of the divine feminine. 

In Minerva’s Owls, Mary Petiet weaves a fascinating and colorful web of yoga, healing and Western wisdom traditions. Filled with the infinite knowing of the feminine divine, this slim volume is packed with enduring wisdom. You will recover your deepest self in these pages.~Trista Hendron

The recent COVID-19 shutdown left me stranded in Amsterdam with the time I needed to launch two new and exciting projects. One is a book called Moon Tide, Cape Cod Poems, and the other is a very small press called Sea Crow Press.  Watch this space, because more is coming from Sea Crow, including a Wisdom Journal for Difficult Times, with magic, meditations, yoga, and writing prompts to help you retell your stories to rebuild the future.

If you can’t get to Cape Cod this summer, Moon Tide will bring the Cape to you.  I can’t get to the Cape myself, so the launching of Moon Tide is taking an entirely different shape than what I had planned. The original cocktail reading reception has become an online soft launch which you can check out below.

Maybe we can have the proper in person launch next summer, but until then, I can confirm the old adage that once you have the sand in your shoes, you never truly leave Cape Cod.


Moon Tide launches online!

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