Minerva’s Owls Meet the Author and Book Signing at MArket Street Bookshop, Mashpee COmmons

Saturday, June 24, from 2:00pm -4:00pm. 

31 Market Street, Mashpee Commons, Mashpee, MA



Join me here on Conversations With Barbara.  Host Barbara Kanellopoulos and I discuss yoga, chakras, connecting to the highest self, archetypes, the nature of divinity, and writing. We also explore how the divine feminine can balance the violence we see daily in the news, and my thoughts about the importance of our collective decisions at this moment in history.  


Here’s a preview of what Max and I talked about on his excellent show:  “Author, journalist, and radio host Mary Petiet has a great story to share in her book, “Minerva’s Owls.” In it, she helps readers achieve a spiritual balance, a sometimes daunting task in this day and age. We talk about how social media has served to both connect us with the world, and isolate us from the rest of the world. She also shares the origin of her podcast Kitchen Table Mystic, where she talks to inspiring women.”