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Meet Mary

Mary Petiet is a writer, poet, and publisher from Cape Cod where her work is deeply influenced by the Cape’s nature and inspirational energy. Her work emphasizes our connection to each other and the natural world with a focus on positive empowerment. She is currently developing Ready Wisdom, an evolving series of easily accessible positive action nuggets supported by her recent book Owl Magic: Your Guide Through Challenging Times, a toolbox specially designed to reveal your hidden power through a series of accessible yoga poses, guided meditations, and writing prompts calling upon our inner wisdom and the creative power of the feminine divine to realize our true power. Readers of Mary’s books say they find their own treasure in her poetry book Moon Tide: Cape Cod Poems, and have compared her work to Mary Oliver and Thoreau. Mary is the founder of Sea Crow Press, and currently divides her time between Barnstable and Amsterdam, where she winters with her family and her cat Pip.

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