Ready Wisdom: Create the Future

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Stories are crucial to our understanding of ourselves and the world. Everything that is has a story. Including Ready Wisdom, a series of easily accessible positive action nuggets that meet you where you are as you create your future and reveal your hidden power. And like everything else, Ready Wisdom came from something and has a story…

Remember when everything was predictable and ran on a schedule and life had a routine?

In fall kids went back to school, the holidays were for big family gatherings, and summer was a time to travel or hit the beach.

Until suddenly it wasn’t.

In March 2020, everything stopped due to COVID 19, and that comfortable certainty went out the window. You didn’t know if the kids could go to school, you were unable to visit your parents, or see your friends, or make any real plans at all. 

The vaccine is here, but we still have important work to do. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, out of control and disconnected, isolated and unable to move forward. You feel stuck as the news out there just keeps getting more surreal, and you do your best to keep things as normal as you can.

You wonder what if the old normal isn’t coming back? You stay awake nights wondering how do we move forward? Can we build something new?

Ready Wisdom

I’m Mary and I’m walking the same exact path, shocked by the uncertainty, and struggling to find meaning and the way through it. At the height of the pandemic I even found myself sheltering in place in a foreign country with no idea how or when I could get home.

As 2020 unfolded in all its weirdness, I realized a lot of our fear is about losing the old certainties and structures which are no longer serving us, so I made it my mission to create new, inspiring ways to move forward.

I tapped into my hidden power.

For me that meant writing, and it led me to create a book called Owl Magic: Your Guide Through Challenging Times and a powerful tool called Ready Wisdom.

Owl Magic is a toolbox specially designed to reveal your hidden power to cope and create with a series of accessible yoga poses, guided meditations, and writing prompts. Each technique calls upon your inner wisdom and the creative power of the feminine divine so you can realize your true strength and begin rebuilding yourself and your world for the new times ahead.

Ready Wisdom has evolved from Owl Magic as a series of easily accessible positive action nuggets that will meet you where you are as you create your new future.

I know these techniques work because as I developed them I implemented them in my own life and suddenly the crushing uncertainty lifted as I reclaimed the current moment and rediscovered my hidden power.

Ready Wisdom

Would you like to join me on this adventure and experience a new way of being and creating in the world for these new times?

If that’s a resounding yes, there are three ways we can start working together.


A Fine Place to be Right Now

Ready Wisdom: Make like a tree. Or How to live entirely in the moment.

There is pretty much a yoga pose for everything, and I seem to have spent most of the last week in tree pose.

In tree, you can root yourself to the earth, which helps on those occasions when you feel as if you might spin clear off the planet.

In tree, you can find that crucial place of balance between pressure points as you lift your branches.

You can reach up to the sky and wave your arms as graceful branches that move with the wind no matter how strong it becomes.

It has been one of those weeks.

When I wasn’t actually in tree pose, I spent time amongst the trees themselves, listening to the wind through their branches, watching their buds unfold, and smelling that sweet spring scent of flowering growth.

Most walks brought me to animals, and that is a fine place to be right now. There is a herd of Highland cattle in our local nature reserve, and they are huge, majestic things to behold.

If you squint, you can see Highland cattle across the stream.

A half-hour near a herd of cattle is instant relaxation and reminds me of a special knowledge we have forgotten:  How to live entirely in the moment.

You don’t see animals worrying about the future and fretting about the past. You see them, instead, simply inhabiting the moment. If everything is fine in an animal’s direct vicinity, then they are fine as well.

I’m not sure I can sign up for the cow hugging I’m reading about in both the US and Dutch presses, but I can sit on my side of the fence in the field, and remember how to inhabit the moment. Then, for just a bit, my concerns subside so I can hold space in the quiet of my center and ground myself with the tree roots.

A Highlander up close.

Once as I sat there, the cows began to sing for no other reason but joy I suppose, and I marveled to hear how it sounded like whale song.

Earth’s two biggest mammals, one on land, and one at sea, sing a common song of joy.

Ready Wisdom that you can apply right now is the theme of Owl Magic, my toolbox of anxiety-busting strategies created for times exactly like these. The instantly applicable guided meditations, stories, poems, yoga poses, and writing prompts in Owl Magic will help you meet today’s challenges from the life-affirming power of your own intuition, because times of change are the times of greatest transformation.

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