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Minerva’s Owls

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Moon Tide is coming this summer!

A collection of poems charting the course of a Cape Cod year.

Horseshoe crabs, ghosts, tree men, black dogs, and daffodils. These characters come alive in Moon Tide.

Each poem is a story about the culture of southeastern New England told through its people and their lives.




If you can’t get to Cape Cod at the moment, Moon Tide will bring Cape Cod to you.

In Minerva’s Owls, Mary Petiet weaves a fascinating and colorful web of yoga, healing, and Western wisdom traditions. Filled with the infinite knowing of the feminine divine, this slim volume is packed with enduring wisdom. You will recover your deepest self in these pages.

Trista Hendron, author of The Girl God series


Sea Crow Press, home of Moon Tide, is an independent imprint curating creative non-fiction and poetry.